Australia & NZ 4/01
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Auckland, NZ

Spring break 2001 had arrived and it was time to travel once again. Mary Lou and Craig begged off because of the 14 hour flights, so Ben and Wayne were off to Australia and New Zealand for seven days of adventure. Click on the map links on the right to see more of the three cities we visited. 

Because the seasons are reversed south of the equator, Australia and New Zealand were just at the beginning of autumn in April. The weather was good, with highs in the 60s or 70s (F) and we only had a few drops of rain the whole week. We were traveling somewhat off-season and the US dollar was very strong ($1 US = $.5 AUS = $.4 NZ), so everything seemed inexpensive, even in the most touristy traps. Sydney and Melbourne are 17 hours ahead and Auckland is 19 hours ahead of Los Angeles time, so we had a touch of jet lag in the first half of the trip.